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Money-Saving Tips for Long Distance Moving

There is a price to pay for long distance moving. Fortunately, by hiring the right company, you can pay less than if you just hired any company. To get incredible service without spending a fortune when moving more than 100 miles from your current address, you have some options.

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  • Downsize – Before your move, take the opportunity to downsize as much as possible. A few months out, go through all of your possessions, donating, recycling, and tossing out things that you no longer want or need. Remember, the smaller the amount of goods moved, the less you will spend. In fact, you might consider holding a garage sale. If you decide to donate, choose one or more companies that will come to your home and pick the items up as opposed to you making multiple trips to a drop-off location.


  • Get Organized – Especially if you decide to pack your possessions rather than use the services of a long distance moving company, get organized ahead of your scheduled move. Having everything already in properly sealed boxes, disassembling furniture pieces, unplugging electronics, and other types of pre-planning will reduce the amount of time spent by the professional movers. Since time equals money, the more organized you can be, the better the move will be on your pocketbook.


  • Moving Your Vehicle – You should also calculate the value of your car to determine if the cost of transporting it makes sense. For example, if you have a vehicle with a current value of $2,000 and to have it moved to your new home will cost $1,000, perhaps it is more cost-efficient to sell it and buy a different car once you get settled into your new place.


  • The Right Company – While pricing tends to be close among different long distance moving companies, some are less expensive. Therefore, instead of hiring the first company you find, get at least three estimates. Not only can you compare the cost of the move, but also the type and caliber of services provided.


  • Tax Deductible Items – If the reason you are moving to your new home is work-related, there is a good chance that you can deduct some of the expenses. Talk to your employer to determine if you can use any of your long distance moving expenses as a tax write-off.


  • Container Moving – Something else to think about is the price difference between a moving company transporting your belongings via a truck versus a container. Although your items will arrive either way, sometimes, you can save more with one or the other. Make sure to do your research about the best prices in your area.

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