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Moving belongings amassed for a lifetime, as is the case for seniors, is always stressful for them.Whether they are moving due to retirement, or their home has just become too big; there are chances they’ll need to downsize. If the seniors have lived for long in a particular house, getting rid of their items can be daunting due to their sentimental value. There are aspects you’ll need to consider to help them come to terms with their move.

Communication and Choice
Seniors are often emotionally vested in their homes, and it’s expected there’ll be apprehension and sadness due to a move. This can be a difficult time to have a conversation with your aging parents. If that is the case, give them all the time they need to talk about the transition and grieve the change. When seniors have to leave their homes, their perceived loss of control is often a cause of distress. Give them as much time as possible to plan and execute their move.

Be Patient
If the elderly seem to take a lot of time deciding what to take and what to leave behind, just let them be. Getting impatient with your elderly parents will not get things moving. You need to understand that their brains do not function as they used to, and their time of response may be slower than before.

Be kind and listen to their stories. Appreciate their history and always remember you are present to offer emotional and physical support.

Hire Professional Movers
Moving experts can take care of the entire moving process from the beginning to the end. They have the tools and equipment to transport large commodities, thus reducing the risks of damage or breakages. This also means your relatives will not feel obliged or guilty watching as you carry things back and forth to the truck.

Get the Seniors Involved
In as much as you’ll seek the help of professional movers to get the senior’s items into their new home, make sure you give them the opportunity to sort their items. Be mindful to involve them in every decision regarding what goes and what stays.

If the elderly cannot physically assist with the packing, they can still play a role in the process. Have the seniors sit somewhere comfortable so they can guide the professional movers as they sort, pack, and transport the items to their new destination.
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