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Moving a business can be overwhelming. The best thing to do when it comes to corporate moving and storage is to hire an experienced moving company. The last thing you want is for important company property to be lost or damaged during a relocation because you did not select a quality mover. The right commercial moving and storage company will save you time, money and the headache of having to coordinate a move from one office to another on your own.

Customized Moving Solutions and Estimates 
It is imperative to remember that not all movers specialize in commercial moving. Prior to seeking an estimate, carefully review each company’s credentials to determine if they can cater to your corporate moving and storage needs. After that, you can make arrangements for an on-site consultation so you can obtain a detailed cost estimate of their services. A commercial moving and storage company that insists on providing an estimate over the phone should not be considered. If the movers insist on off-site estimates, it is best to move on to the next available option.

Research Customer Reviews 
Once you have selected a mover, it is a good idea to research their reputation as a service provider. The Better Business Bureau is the best place to start. Note that a commercial moving and storage company that has a few complaints does not necessarily make it an unreliable organization. Examine closely to find out whether there have been similar complaints before and what steps the moving company took to resolve the issues. Some of the things to keep a keen eye on are higher final costs, lost goods, and damaged equipment. Gather reviews from multiple sources such as the company website, Google, and social media services. This will give you the most accurate picture of how this particular company does business. You can also follow up on any references offered to you by the mover themselves.

Generally speaking, the most benefit will be derived from choosing a company with the best reputation and service offerings. A mover that is willing to examine your project before making any estimates and is flexible enough to design a solution around your requirements will be an ideal option to go with. The smartest choice is a commercial moving and storage company that has a central office and one with a well-established presence in the industry.