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Packing is a tedious and overwhelming process. A lot of people put it off in favor of packing at the last minute. This isn’t recommended, as most individuals that are moving frequently underestimate how long the process will take. Full service movers know that the greatest strategy is to get a head start. The kitchen can be one of the most difficult rooms to tackle. It is often filled with a variety of utensils, fragile appliances, breakable dishes, and perishable food. It is imperative to be extremely careful when packing your kitchen so that none of your items gets damaged.

Fortunately, we have some tips for kitchen packing that can help:

The most important first step is to secure boxes and packing materials that are strong enough to protect your appliances. Often these items are heavy or awkward shaped and you want to be sure that your boxes will accommodate for that. If you are seeking high quality boxes to pack your appliances, contact your full service movers, who will usually have these types of boxes available for purchase. Before placing any item into the packing boxes, make sure your kitchen appliances are clean and dry. Disassemble your equipment and pack every item separately, especially the fragile components such as the glass turntable of the microwave or the pitcher to the blender. You can use bubble wrap to package these items; if you don’t have that, newspapers can serve a similar function. Begin by putting the heavier commodities in the box first and then place the lighter parts on top. As you continue packing, place wadded up newspaper, or other packing filler, in the spaces between each component. Tape the owner’s manual on the surface of each box to make reassembling easier upon arrival.

Plates, glasses, and other dinnerware are often some of the most fragile items in your home that you will have to pack. The best way to protect them is to make sure they are put in a sturdy box that has been reinforced with packing tape at the bottom. Start by placing layers of packing paper inside of the box first to provide a cushion. Use bubble wrap or any other suitable material to cover your dinnerware and begin stacking it inside the box. After filling up the bottom, place additional filler in the box to be sure the items do not shift during transport. If you have an item that is extremely fragile, you can use foam or a thin blanket to wrap it for additional protection. It is often helpful when packing stemware to use boxes with cardboard compartments that will separate each glass. Contact your full service movers to purchase this specialized packing.

Pots and Pans
Careful packing of pots and pans is important to be sure the cooking surface is not scratched or nicked. A quality set of cookware can be extremely costly, and it would be a shame to have to replace it immediately following a move. Place the largest of these items in the box first followed by the smaller pans. It is a good idea to place a sheet of newspaper or bubble wrap between each pot or pan to protect its surface. If it is possible, place the smaller pots inside the larger ones to save space and reduce the number of boxes needed. Take extra care when wrapping glass lids to secure them during transport and avoid breakage.

Many people accumulate a lot of unused food in their refrigerator and cabinets over time. Condiments, snack foods, baking mixes, and cereals are just some of the things that should be sorted through before you begin packing up your kitchen. Once you have discarded any expired or unwanted food, separate perishable items for those that don’t require refrigeration. It is helpful to set yourself up with a cooler and ice for food that needs to be kept cold during the move. Frozen items such as ice cream or tv dinners are unlikely to stay frozen, even if placed in a cooler, and are best donated to friends or family.

Packing your kitchen is sure to go smoothly, if you keep these tips in mind. For additional help packing household goods, contact the full service movers at Worldwide Moving Company for assistance.