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Moving with pets presents unique challenges.Both dogs and cats are curious and often territorial creatures. When you change their environment, they can become confused or scared. So, when you are planning to move with a dog or cat it is essential to help them understand that their new territory is their home. They also need the time adapt and familiarize themselves with new territories. Simply moving them without taking into account the right steps is not a prudent step to take since they will likely end up stressed and physically agitated. If you are not sure how to go about it, here is what you need to consider while seeking moving services.

Allow your pet to familiarize itself with a carrier
Since you will likely be moving your dog or cat using a carrier, make sure you give them enough time to get acquainted with it. Place a comfy bed and add some treats occasionally. Feed the animal in the carrier so they can get used to it.  If you are experiencing some difficulties luring the cat or dog into its carrier, ask for assistance from your moving services comany since they have the knowledge and experience of moving pets.

Secure Your Pet When Packing
Moving services often have a lot to deal with during the move day. Therefore, it is advisable to keep your pet in a closed room to give the professionals the time to handle their tasks without interference. Securing your pet in a single room will also prevent them from dashing out as the movers pack and load your belongings. Do not forget to make sure food, water, and a comfortable bed are accessible.

Keep the Carrier Locked While in Transit
Dogs and cats can appear innocent and lonesome when they are confined in their carrier. Make sure you resist the urge to let them out no matter how well-behaved they may appear. Open the carrier only when you are in a secure location and when it is necessary to do so. Do not forget to carry a roll of tape just in case the carrier may require some emergency repairs during transit and advise the moving services personnel where the tape can be located.

Securing Your Pet Upon Arrival
Upon arriving at your new destination, take your pet to one room. Before you can let the animal out of its carrier, make sure you set up essential supplies like food, water, and sleeping quarters. Place some treats around the room to encourage exploration of the new surroundings, allowing your pet to gradually get used to the new sights, smells, and sounds. Keeping the dog or cat in one room will give your moving services the time to unload, unpack, and arrange the house.

To learn more about how to adequately plan for a move with pets contact Worldwide North American Moving Company and a moving professional will be available to help.