Moving without boxes can be almost impossible. Boxes are quite instrumental as they help in sorting out your items accordingly and placing them in their right categories. How hard can it be to move without them? On the same note, imagine moving with faulty or incompetent boxes; that would be a great nightmare! Whether you want to believe it or not, choosing the wrong boxes is worse than working with low-quality ones. If you are searching for the best boxes to use, check out this guide.

We’ve all been in this position before: you get a two to three-foot box and begin to unload your bookshelf into the box. After getting rid of the dust on your shelves and acting like a champion for fitting your books into the box, you have finally completed that phase. But, when you try to pick up and move the box, you almost break your back as you created a makeshift anvil. You need to realize that a sturdy box is not as important as using the right boxes when you are planning to move. There are a lot of boxes for you to pick from, from the dish pack to the wardrobe boxes. Make sure you take an inventory of your apartment and be prudent about the kind of boxes you select. Packing a few heavy boxes is not necessarily a good idea. Where possible, ask for advice from your local movers so you can know what exactly it is you want.

What goes into the boxes is also as important as the type of boxes you intend to use. Do not overlook the packing material. Your items’ conditions could easily be compromised if you do not use the right kind of packing materials. Others decide to use some lifehack techniques such as placing clothes into the boxes to create some padding, which is killing two birds with a single stone. While this process might work, it may not be completely ideal. You may be required to wash and iron your clothes again after the move is complete. Apart from that, using your clothes as padding does not offer full protection as your items may still be damaged during transit. Special items and designs have been made to create effective packing materials that ensure your items are safe and secure. If you don’t know where to get these materials, ask your 
local movers to suggest the best retail outlets that sell packing materials.

You cannot talk about moving boxes without mentioning the labels. From using the color-coded labels to writing directly on the boxes with a permanent marker, there’s definitely a system that works for you. Numbering is always a useful way of labeling the boxes, but choose a method that suitable for your case. Consider using stickers, labels, or tapes if you plan on using the boxes again in the future.
All in all, if you are having problems packing your items, you can always hire the local movers to assist you with the entire process. These professionals can pack, load, transport, unpack and arrange your items on your behalf. If you need their help, do not hesitate to ask.