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Although many individuals have some ideas of what office moving services entail, it is imperative to remember that misconceptions regarding commercial moving services also exist. Without knowing the truth, people end up choosing the wrong companies, only to realize their poor choices later. The information given below will help in clearing up misunderstandings so you can know what to expect from your office movers. Every moving firm is licensed – The largest misconception people have about office moving services is that all companies are licensed. Fortunately, for most reputable office movers, this is true since the companies are properly insured and licensed. However, some commercial service providers are not licensed or insured. Therefore, when searching for the right company to work with, make sure you inquire about their license and insurance.  All long-distance moving companies are equal – Assuming that long-distance moving companies are the same can be considered to be a major fallacy. If anything, major differences exist between these companies depending on the services they offer. Drivers who provide long-distance office moving services should (according to the law) possess special licenses issued by the relevant transportation agency such as the Department of Transportation. If you require commercial moving services, you will need to ascertain if the company you intend to hire has a license from the Department of Transportation. Movers conduct background checks on their employees – Sadly, this is also a misconception. It should be a requirement for all office moving companies to do background checks on their staff before they hire them. Having people with backgrounds that are unverified can be a risky affair to both the company and the client as valuables could be lost or stolen. Top service providers know and acknowledge the significance of checking their applicants’ background before hiring them into the company. Background checks help to protect both the clients and the moving company. In the event an item is damaged, lost, or destroyed, the company pays for the damaged product – Under the existing law, professional movers are required to pay up to $0.60 for every pound of item lost or destroyed. This implies that an item worth $500 and weighing 200 pounds will only bring back $120. When searching for the right office moving services, you want to identify companies which provide the cover of full replacement value. With that, you will obtain a replacement value of $500 which is the exact value for the lost or damaged product.